Details of our new holiday in Ravenna, Italy.

Jason Skill (artist and art teacher) and Antonella Rea (language tutor) are intending to run an educational holiday for those interested in drawing, sketching, arts and speaking Italian.

This holiday will take place in Ravenna. The mornings will be spent either sketching with our resident artist Jason Skill or attending a language course at Palazzo Malvisi, a well renowned school, specialising in teaching Italian to adults.

In the afternoons Antonella and Jason will take both groups to discover some of the less known sights of the city and admire the splendid Byzantine mosaics beautifully preserved in various churches and monuments across the city. Many of these mosaics and building are listed as World Heritage sites.

We will be flying British Airways from Newcastle International Airport to Bologna on Friday 28/09/18 and coming back on Friday 05/10/18

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New workshop coming up

On the 14th of April I am running a workshop at Wylam institute looking at painting modernistic magical trees. Reflecting my own interest in pushing the envelope with watercolour, we will be experimenting with using stickers as masking materials, and drawing with a masking pen prior to painting the foliage and tree forms. This will be an eye opening workshop for anyone who paints in watercolour.

Location – Wylam Institute, Wylam, Northumberland

Saturday the 14th of April  2018


Time – 10:00 – 4:00 pm

Medium  – watercolour

Level – suited to those with some experience of painting. Not suitable for total beginners

Workshop Cost – £35


Why not look at the full details on the workshops section of this blog ?


‘Painting rock with Watercolour’

Workshop on the Saturday the 24th of March 2018


Workshop costs £35

Location – Wylam Institute, Wylam, Northumberland

Workshop day course

Time – 10:00 – 4:00 pm

Medium  – watercolour

Level – suited to those with some experience of painting. Not suitable for total beginners

Free tea and coffee are provided


My all-day workshops are designed to give the learner time to experiment and absorb the ideas shown and then create a finished piece of work in the same session.

Painting rock is fun if you know a few tricks that help you illustrate it’s form and texture. In this watercolour workshop day, I will share a number of his painting methods that are incorporated into these rocky coastal watercolours.

During this afternoon workshop Jason will:

Provide inspirational images

Demonstrate methods of painting rock.

Show you how to plan the image to make the process ordered and logical

Discuss with you the image you intend to paint and help you plan the stages needed to make a striking watercolour.

In addition, he will paint alongside you, showing how he would work on a similar painting, taking you through the stages of it’s production.








Trip to Ravenna








Antonella Rea and I have recently taken a trip to Ravenna to check it out as a location for a sketching and italian langauage learning holiday. The weather was not great, with low temporatures and fine drizzle predominating, but we still had a great time exploring the sights and surrounding area.

The mosaics, which are the sights that Ravenna is most  famouse for, are very beautiful and are enlightening about the evolution of the early christian church.






The city is quite compact, with most of the churches within walking distance of one another.







Local towns are a short train and bus journey away. They all have their own unique charm and character.




There are loads of great spots to sketch.







We will soon be anouncing the dates of the Ravenna trip, which will be in the warm summer months, with costs in the coming weeks.

New sketching course at Wylam

Quick and easy sketching methods

This course is aimed at anyone who has even wanted to be able to quickly capture the essence of a scene in their sketch book, wanting to know some tricks of the trade used by professional artists.

It would ideally suit anyone intending to go on one of my sketching holidays, looking to tune their skills so they feel more confident when sketching abroad.

Length of the course – 5 weeks

Tuesdays – from 2:30pm till 4:30pm

Starts 27th of February 2018

Costs  £60

Visit the courses section of the blog to book your place now.


New Year – New art class

It’s a new year, so why not start a new art course or workshop? My courses start the 8th of January. Places are still available on some of my classes, which offer art education in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Meet like minded people experiencing the joy of drawing and painting. Make new friends and work you are proud of. Check out the courses and workshop pages to find out more…..




In the last few days Antonella Rea and myself have been to Rome to check out locations, accomodation and transport links, to make sure that the Holiday in April runs smoothly. It was great to be back in Rome again, a city I love, seeing some of the many wonders it has to offer. We also had the tiresome chore of sampling the local food and drink. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it. Here are some snaps from the trip.
























Holiday at Higham Hall

I had a great time at Higham Hall. Beautiful countryside, wonderful warm building with great food.

My students did some really great work in the short time were were there.  I was delighted with their progress and they seemed deservedly pleased with their work. Lovely people.  Students work:

I look forward to teaching at Higham again in the future.

New course; ‘ Modern tricks and techniques with watercolour ‘

 A practical guide to making a wide range of beautiful effects with paint and how these can be applied most successfully in your watercolours

Length of the course10 weeks

The location – Stocksfield Community Association

Starts 8th of January 2018

Refreshments – tea and coffee is included.

Level  – would suit both beginners and painters with some experience of watercolour

Time –  Mondays from 10:00 until 1pm

Paint medium – watercolour

Cost –  £180

New Course; Painting trees in watercolour

Subject – Painting trees with Watercolour

Location – Newcastle Arts Centre

Length of the course10 weeks

Starts   10th January 2018

Level  – suited to those who have some experience of watercolour painting . Not recommended for total beginners

Time –  Wednesdays  from 13:00 till 15:00  

Cost –  £136 [ includes tea and cofee provided by the Jazz cafe ]

Set Designer

I am currently set designing for a pantomime – Robin Hood at the Exchange, North Shields. These two videos show me working on a six metre section of decorative grasses that will cover a portion of the back of the stage. I painted all this this in one day !


It's Panto Time !

I painted this in one day – a 6 metre section of the scenery for Robin Hood at the Exchange, North Shields.

Posted by Jason Skill – Painting With Skill on Saturday, 28 October 2017


Panto Time (2)

More video of me painting a 6 metre section of the scenery for Robin Hood at the Exchange, North Shields.

Posted by Jason Skill – Painting With Skill on Saturday, 28 October 2017





November 26th at 18:30 to November 28th at 13:30

*NEW*  – Jason Skill can create highly realistic watercolour seascapes in under 5 minutes. Explore his methods, looking at key elements that hold a seascape together, so you can make quick and pleasing seascapes of your own.

Residential: £228 Non-residential: £162

This holiday is organised by Higham Hall. To learn more:  visit their website at;