Felt tip pens on paper

Recently I was at home ill watching ‘Reap the wild wind’ in the afternoon to pass the time.  John Wayne  gets killed at the end wearing a deep-sea diving suit, trapped in a shipwreck, attacked by a huge octopus.   This film was total rubbish, making me at the time laugh out loud at the poor performances, but I was delighted to watch it all the same, for it was one of those films that had stuck in my mind as a child. I can vividly remember his deep-sea diving helmet filling up with water and feeling strangely helpless and sad. Quite frankly for his acting alone he deserved it, but as a kid I was devastated.

Big John did not die; he was like Joe 90, he could be steadily relied on to get away,  however dangerous his opponents. Deep sea diving in one of those heavy suits was obviously  THE MOST DANGEROUS THING ON EARTH.

My ‘Action Man’ just had to have a deep-sea diving suit. To save the princely sum that would be needed to acquire this would take a considerable time with the pocket money I received each week. While I waited I fantasised by drawing pictures of divers, of which this is the only one that has survived. I also made a relief picture of a diver under the sea with bits of balsa wood, which my parents kept for years until all the bits eventually fell off. When at last I did get the suit I was not as pleased as I had expected with my acquisition. The suit was hellish to get on and off action man without real risk of pulling his arms and legs off, and the menacing plastic shark which came with the set deflated and looked sadly in need of oxygen within a matter of hours.



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